Donald Mooney  Dalton Voter


My name is Donald Mooney. I am 80+ years old and was born in Dalton and have lived most of my life in Dalton.

I am requesting the citizens of Dalton to exercise extreme caution when considering implementing  Zoning or Temporary Zoning as it can have far reaching, unintended results.

The following is an example  of what I encountered concerning Zoning.  

While living in CT.  I constructed a device that required no power to operate and generated no noise. After I installed this device in my back yard I was contacted and informed that I could only use it during certain hours.  

This device was an old fashioned clothes line.

I also had a friend that lived on the Cape. He had his home painted a color that he felt met all the rules but was told after he had it painted that while the color was right, the shade was not and that he would have to have the house repainted or face a fine. 

It is these examples that I would ask people considering Zoning to take into account before voting for Zoning.


Donald Mooney  

Chris Cyr  CEO/Partner Team O'Neil Rally School 

As a direct neighbor of J.W. Chipping CO I share many of the same concerns of other residents by the potential creation of a landfill. As a business with tourism-related offerings, there are many potential negative impacts for our school from this project.

Team O’Neil clients annually stay over 2000 nights in the region and we employ 25 full-time, year-round, local, team members. A key to our businesses success over the past 22 years has been the lack of zoning and the support of the local community.

I hope the voters of Dalton want to keep the entire way of life that made Team O'Neil possible and realize that this temporary zoning vote is about saving Dalton. Please vote "NO" on July 30th. 

Aric Moody  Dalton Voter

I am 100% against zoning of any sort. Please keep this up!! Zoning is awful. If you own your land and pay your damn taxes, the town or anyone else for that matter should not be able to dictate what you can and can't do with your house or land!! Where do you get the signs that are up on the road? Also is there going to be a discussion before the vote to inform people of what they are potentially getting into? Proper communication is key to everything. If the people are not informed, how can they vote accurately?

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