No to Zoning

Find the details on the Emergency Zoning proposed:


Do you own less than 1 acre of land? Are you planning on adding any out buildings, shed, deck?

Who is going to be on the zoning board?

Grandfathering only applies to the current state of your property. 


Do you want to have to spend time and money getting input from all your neighbors before you change anything on your property?

What if they tell you “NO”!

Effects of incorporating Zoning include:

  • Loss of rights and the freedom to develop your property

  • Increased costs of ensuring your property meets requirements

  • Dealing with enforcement of violations to newly established restrictions

  • Having to gain approval for future changes

What can you do?

Come out and vote NO to the temporary zoning proposal on July 30!

What else could we do?

Ask the Town of Dalton to establish an Study Committee for further details/impacts of zoning, other costs, and issues plaguing Dalton. Also find further facts on the Casella project on behalf of all voters. This committee should consist of registered voters of Dalton and business-owners.

From a study committee report this would give the voters of Dalton a more well-defined path of how to save Dalton NH from major changes to what currently makes our town so special.

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