About us

Purpose of the website:

This website was created to address the following:

  • Educate Dalton residents on the impacts zoning would have on the community, businesses and the residents themselves.

  • Further investigate potential impact of a landfill in our town.

  • Give action items, including being sure you vote on July 30.

  • Understanding the difference between the “Save Forest Lake” campaign and our goal of preserving our current way of life.

People behind Save Dalton

Donald Mooney- Registered Voter

Born in Dalton and spending most of his 80 plus years as a resident of Dalton, Don has spent a lifetime as a proud Dalton resident. The recent push for zoning in Dalton has forced Don to stand up against this movement and inform his neighbors on the real repercussion of Zoning.


Chris Cyr- Dalton Business Owner and Land Owner

Chris is CEO and part owner of Team O’Neil Rally School (world’s most advanced driving school on dirt or snow/ice). From a blue collar family Chris started a small painting business in college which opened doors to a better life. Moving to the North Country in 2013 allowed him to follow his ultimate dream to work at and now own Team O’Neil. Chris has two young children with his wife Sarah. Both of whom were born at Littleton Hospital.


As the largest employer in Dalton, Team O’Neil has a regional impact of over $6M annually. Over 22 years in business, Team O’Neil is able to remain relevant in the global market due to the supportive town and local community.


This site and local marketing is funded by Chris Cyr with absolutely no support from Casella, Doug Ingerson, or Save Forest Lake (Jon Swan).


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